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Back Pain Treatment in Cheltenham: 80% of people suffer with back pain, don't suffer with them!

What is back pain and why is it so common?

Statistics show that around 80% of people will suffer back pain at some point in their lives with around a 50% chance of recurrence. Back pain can be very debilitating and can be felt anywhere along the spine from the neck to the hips, you may even have pain referring from your back into one or both of your legs. Pain may last for a few days or many months. It may come on suddenly and be very acute or it may be longstanding over a few years and remain chronic. People often become scared of movement and frightened by their back conditions, not knowing how to restore normal movement and aid their recovery.

Causes of Back Pain are many and varied but the majority of causes include poor posture, sitting at computers for long periods, arthritis, general day to day activities causing stress to the spine, lack of exercise and weakness in the spinal muscles.

You could be suffering back pain for many reasons


This is pain referring into one or both legs. Besides having pain in your legs you may experience other symptoms such as pins and needles and numbness. Sciatica pain relief is possible with the correct treatment. 


Many expectant mothers experience back pain. Pregnancy massage can help to relieve this. Have a look at our Massage page for more information on Pregnancy Massage.

Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash injuries can be very painful even if there is little to see. However, because there is no serious damage, you can ask your GP for something to control the pain, do neck exercises, stay active and modify your activities for a time if necessary.

At Cotswold Physiotherapy Centre we will give you movement and postural exercises to prevent stiffness from developing and to ensure the neck is functioning correctly. The physiotherapist can advise appropriate exercise, as well as “hands on” treatment. We can also use electrotherapy equipment to reduce swelling and pain.

How can we help you recover?

We will assess you and diagnose your problem, we will then discuss a treatment plan with you.

Our approach is very “hands on”

Some of the treatments we will use to help you are:

  • Manual therapy and mobilisations/massage
  • Ultrasound/Acupuncture
  • Prescriptive exercise programmes/ Pilates
  • Looking at your lifestyle
  • Ergonomic/workstation assessment
  • Rehabilitation to regain general fitness


We can also organise an x-ray or MRI scan should you need it.

Do get treatment as it will be so beneficial for your well-being.

Do not put up with back pain that just goes on and on!

Expert treatment for back and spinal pain

Sarah Key’s Back Treatment

Sarah Key is an Australian physiotherapist with an international reputation for treating problem backs. She is the author of  ‘The Back Sufferer’s Bible’ and ‘The Body in Action’.

Cherry Mayers and Caroline Thomson have trained under Sarah and use her methods to treat backs. This involves using the heel of the foot to mobilise stiff spinal segments. Greater force can be exerted using the broader surface of the heel. Patients find this more comfortable and quite liberating. They are shown exercises to help decompress the spine using a wooden block and exercises to maintain their movement.